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The care of children has been Lorraine's lifelong passion; she has been taking care of children since she was a teenager.  Twenty years ago, she began her career as a professional nanny and has never looked back; eighteen years ago she arrived in Wellesley to care for two children and two years later she began working for a family with four amazing children, where she remained for fourteen happy years. Lorraine now finds herself happily entrenched, both living and working in town!

Throughout her journey Lorraine has always dreamed of owning an Infant Toddler Childcare Center; somewhere she could bring her wealth of experience, learning of and passion for childcare to other children.  Lorraine grasped the opportunity to do so as soon as it presented itself earlier this year and so Scalliwags was born. 

Many people ask Lorraine what the name Scalliwags means and where it comes from. The word is used as a  term of endearment in Ireland (from where Lorraine was born and raised) for children who are confident, fun, vivacious, mischievous and curious and it came to her while she was out walking one morning along Brook Path.  Scalliwags perfectly captures the essence of the experience that Lorraine envisages for the children in her center!  

Vision and values

Lorraine has a strong set of core principles for the Scalliwags center.  She is committed to offering an exemplary childcare experience to each child that is entrusted to Scalliwags' care.  This strong commitment has informed the approach taken to the creation of the Scalliwags physical environment; the employment of the Scalliwags learning and support staff; the adoption of the  Scalliwags emergent/play-based curriculum and the creation and development of valuable relationships with parents and children.  Lorraine wants to ensure that the Scalliwags experience is and remains exceptional. 

Lorraine lives in Wellesley with her husband Denis and her son Conor.  

Please do not hesitate to contact Lorraine directly if there is anything that you wish to discuss with her about Scalliwags and your child.





Renee is an EEC Certified Infant Toddler Pre-school Teacher and Director.  She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education from Wheelock College in Boston, MA. She is Director II Certified, Lead Teacher Infant/Toddler and Lead Teacher Preschool Certified. Renee is also re-certified in First Aid and CPR annually. 


Her work experience includes infant/toddler lead teacher positions as well as teaching at and co-owning a preschool program in Westborough for nine years. 


Renee has an incredible love and passion for child development as well as for creating an environment of play-based/emergent curriculum that supports development across all areas of growth and learning. She is also a firm believer in professional development and support for teachers.  Working with young children and families as well as creating a positive home-school connection is a high priority and she cannot wait to introduce you Scalliwags! 

Renee currently lives in Westborough with her husband Jake, two children: Zach and Abby, and their dog, Sophie. 


JANINE AMARA, Assistant Director


Janine is an EEC Certified Infant Toddler Pre-School Teacher and Director.  She has an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education from Massachusetts Bay Community College, in Framingham, MA. She is Director II Certified, Lead Teacher Infant/Toddler and Lead Teacher Preschool Certified. Janine is also re-certified in First aid and CPR annually. 


Janine's work experience includes over four years of experience as an Assistant Director at a large child care center as well as over eighteen years as a toddler, preschool and pre-k teacher. 


Janine is passionate about the care and education of young children and is committed to creating an atmosphere and environment where children can grow and learn at their own pace and to be met where they are, as opposed to where β€œthey should be”. It is imperative to her that children are respected and encouraged in a way that supports their overall growth and development. Janine understands the importance of making β€œlessons” relevant to children and their experiences. Without this knowledge so much can be lost, which is why emergent curriculum is so important. Janine looks forward to using her reflectiveness, observation skills and knowledge and experience of child development to support the growth and development of your child. Janine is thrilled to have the opportunity to share Scalliwags with you! 

Janine currently lives in Gardner with her wife Laura, their three daughters Callie, Jillian and Charlotte, and kitten Daisy.




Ari is an EEC Certified Infant Toddler Pre-school Teacher.  She graduated from Joseph P Keefe Technical High School in 2011 with a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and  became certified to teach infants, toddlers, pre-school, and pre-k. She is currently attending Massachusetts Bay Community College where she is studying for an Associates Degree which she hopes to have completed by the Spring of 2020. Ari is keeping her specific Bachelors Degree options open for now but expects to commence study in the field of child development, in 2021.


Ari has been working with children for ten years both inside and outside of the classroom.  During her time at high school she volunteered in various centers in the Metro-West area including Bright Horizons and Next Generation. After her Diploma, Ari joined Mini Miracles as a teacher where she remained for three years.


Ari enjoys working with children; she finds it very rewarding to watch then grow and develop and to know that she has had an influence on that journey. She believes that exemplary childcare really makes a positive difference to the overall development of a child.  Ultimately, Ari's goal is to provide loving care to your child to promote their development at their own pace; to reach their own each age appropriate mile-stones. She excited about the learning she is gaining through her studies and to applying this learning in practice every day.  She is also excited about discovering her area of expertise in either child psychology or early education.  

In her spare time Ari enjoys reading all types of literature; her favorite book currently is, The Fault in Our Stars.  She loves spending time with her family and friends, and especially relaxing at home with her cat Ivy. Pic to follow!





Laura is an EEC Certified Infant Toddler Pre-school Teacher.  She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education and a Special Education Minor from Lesley University.  


Laura has over fourteen years of infant toddler pre-school experience.  She has been a certified teacher of Tai Chi and Qi Gong for over twenty years.  Laura's many teaching experiences include: elementary; special education; early childhood and seΓ±ior citizens.  She is trained and certified by: The School of Advanced Healing; Theta Healing; 

Marcia Hood’s 2-year program of cranial sacral balancing.   

She has studied with Barbara Brennan, Patch Adams, Upledger Institute, Rumi Da, Omi Preheim, Dr. Jing Liu and Master John Fritz and many others.  Laura is also an ordained minster, healer and teacher.  Her love and knowledge of infants and their rapid development is impressive. 


Laura thrives when she is able to combine all her of many skills to create a calm, welcoming, fun classroom.

Her educational philosophy is to encourage all children to explore, create and develop a natural curiosity about themselves and the world around them, allowing them to take age appropriate, safe risks. Laura uses music, science, laughter and a variety of movement to build a sense of self; encourage language development and balance a child's sensory input. Laura finds that the children respond with confidence and self-assurance which allows them to grow at their own pace.

Laura is the oldest child of four; a mother of three; a grandmother of two and a proud owner of one cat called Angel.  

When Laura isn’t teaching she makes incredible crystal jewelry, quilts, sews and cooks. Her favorite authors include Greg Braden, Katherine Kurtz, Kathleen McGowan, and Dan Brown.