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445 Washington Street, Wellesley, Massachusetts 02482. United States

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OPEN MONDAY-FRIDAY 8AM to NOON (Half days) 7:30AM-2:30PM (Ext Day)

OPEN MONDAY-FRIDAY 8AM to NOON (Half days) 7:30AM-2:30PM (Ext Day)

OPEN MONDAY-FRIDAY 8AM to NOON (Half days) 7:30AM-2:30PM (Ext Day)OPEN MONDAY-FRIDAY 8AM to NOON (Half days) 7:30AM-2:30PM (Ext Day)

Please come visit our center and meet with us 👭


About Us

Our philosophy

Scalliwags Infant Toddler Childcare in Wellesley is a special learning center based on Washington Street (opposite Whole Foods) offering a unique childcare/day care program to children from the ages of 0 to 3 years.  

Scalliwags provides exemplary education and care in a nurturing, home-like environment through a fun, creative, emergent/play-based curriculum, to promote the emotional, cognitive and physical well-being of each child, expertly created by the very best team in the childcare industry. 

Our team

The Scalliwags team consists of teachers and support staff who have been carefully selected to create and deliver an excellent infant toddler childcare program.  The staff are very experienced and highly qualified but not only that, they all have caring, fun-loving, happy-go-lucky personalities and want to deliver the very best experience to your child, every day.  

Our program

The program that Scalliwags has created is modeled on care and kindness to others; it delivers a developmentally appropriate curriculum through stories, songs and play to ensure that your child learns, grows and flourishes in a safe, loving, inspiring environment.  Scalliwags fosters independence and curiosity in your child to help build their confidence to build positive and appropriate relationships and explore the world through imaginative and sensory play which includes music and movement, yoga and nature, learning activities.

Our classrooms

The Scalliwags Infant/Toddler Classrooms have been optimally designed to safely nuture your child's overall development.  The classrooms have a warm, home-like and friendly atmosphere in order to facilitate a rich learning experience with the aim of encouraging your child to learn and grow at their own pace while they feel safe, comfortable and secure. 

Your child

The physical, emotional and cognitive well-being of your child is very important to us.  Your child will feel safe and secure to actively construct their own knowledge and experiences, every day. Children feel safe and thrive when their days have structure and routine and when the learning process for them is more organic it has more impact and meaning. The Scalliwags daily routine has been created with structure and routine in mind to enable your child to thrive but with room for flexibility to meet their changing needs within their classroom. 

Above all, Scalliwags is committed to providing your child with a wonderful, enriching experience in a safe and happy environment.

Scalliwags does NOT require children to be toilet trained for enrollment in the program. 

Scalliwags is a fully accessible infant daycare/ child care center.

Call us at 781-328-1616


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What We Offer

Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum


Scalliwags has created an exceptional emergent/play-based curriculum in its infant daycare/childcare center. Activities are based around the developmental domains of learning with focus on language and literacy, cognitive reasoning, social/emotional, fine and gross motor development. 


Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum


Brightwheel is an interactive app used at Scalliwags that enables staff to connect in real-time with parents or guardians. The App provides up-to-date information on the progress of your child; staff take pictures, videos, and provide timely updates as your child participates in the various activities of the day. For more information go to: www.mybrightwheel.com

Music Classes

Our Curriculum



Scalliwags will also have monthly music and movement classes with an early childhood music specialist.




Wellesley Fall Carnival, Wellesley Mother's Forum,



The Wellesley Mother's Forum FALL CARNIVAL on Saturday 14th September was a great success. It was lovely to meet so many of you. Check out the videos from the day.  🍂

Nature Classes


Nature Classes


Scalliwags aims to host a monthly onsite nature workshop where a nature expert will come to interact with and educate our children. 

Contact Us

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We would love the opportunity to meet you and your little one. Scalliwags is a home from home feel in a center based program.

Call: 781-328-1616


email: lorraine@scalliwagschildcare.com 

Monday to Friday 8AM - 12 NOON

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445 Washington Street, Wellesley, MA 02482

(Across from Whole Foods)

LOTS of parking outside our childcare center

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